Friday, 26 February 2010

Vegetable fritters

It's a cold, snowy day so we decided against going out and had a cozy day home by the fire. For lunch we decided to make vegetable fritters.
We mixed up a thick batter mix and added sweetcorn, chopped onions and grated carrots. Cooked in three batches, they were just what we needed on this chilly day.

Hampton Court Palace

On our last day in London we went to the 6th wedding of Henry VIII.

It was a fantastic day. We arrived a bit late, but in time to help Kathryn Parr choose her wedding dress, aided by her aunt, Lady Mary. Then we went down to the kitchens to share a flagon of ale with Henry before the wedding.

After that the menfolk we called into the council chambers, and we women retired to the Watching Hall to discuss marriage with Kathryn. Just as our conversation got into good flow Master Thin, the head of Henry's household staff informed us we had been summond to the Council Chambers as Henry wished to question Kathryn about her suitability to rule England whilst he took his army to France. Once he was satisfied that she was fully able he escorted her to the chapel for the wedding.

Given that we 'commoners' couldn't the actual wedding, Lady Mary and Master Thin explained to us about the clothes they were wearing, why they used those particular fabrics and what all the different parts symbolised. Apaprantly having a big bottom means you are wealthy because you can afford enough cloth to cover it :)

Once the King and his new Queen we married they returned to us in the Watching Hall for speaches and toasts. Once that was concluded we began to think about going home.

Of course no day out is complete without a visit to the little shop, and here we bought a book about Tudor clothing with patterns for us to have a go making our own curtles and gowns.

Dad had by now finished his course (and passed) so he met up with us at Hampton Court station and we drove home, arriving back in a very snowy Wiston. We finally pushed the car up the icey drive by 11.30pm and then all fell into bed.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Science Museum

Whilst Dad was on a course in London we took the oppertunity to share his hotel room and have a few days down south.

Our planned walk along the Thames was rained off so we opted to go to the Science Museum instead, as the route from the Tube is all underground and dry.

In true form we headed straight to the cafe with all the information leaflets. Over lunch we planned out what to do, The Imax and ForceField movies were top of the list, so they were duly booked and we passed the time until our showing looking at a display of scientific instruments from the 18th Century (which fits in quite well with our planned Georgian spring).

From there we dropped into the launchpad and watch dry ice skating around on water before heading off to the Imax to watch a film about the building of the International Space Station. It was truely amazing and this week Moo wants to be an astronaut.

Then we had to run down 6 flights of stairs in about 4 minutes to get to the ForceField, a motion cinema which was showing a film about moon landings - we got a surprise when we splash landed back onn earth.

After that we had the obligatory visit to the 'little shop'(Dr Who quote :)where we bought books and a chemistry set, then back to the hotel.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentines Pony Show

Valentines day saw the girls taking part in their first pony show. We were at the stables ... well not early really, just in time for lunch. After we had eaten pizza in the cafe we spent a couple of hours grooming Zorro and getting him ready for 'best turned out pony', then the girls went off to get themselves changed.

The first round, clear round jumping, saw a medal for both girls. In the starter stakes Mollie very bravely decided to ride along, and unfortunatly Zorro to the oppertunity to have a bit of a jog, so she missed gate 4.

Hannah learnt from her sister experience and opted to have her tutor accompany her, resulting in a cler round and a place in the jump off. She placed 7th - very good for a first attempt.

The next round for Zorro was 'Best turned out horse or pony', which Hannah entered with him. This included a lot more riding than we had expected and Hannah did really well keeping up with some of the bigger entrants. She placed 3rd and got a medal, so all that brushing, plaiting and spending money on diamante accessories paid off.

The final round was Mollie in 'best ridden pony'. Even more riding than the last round, and she did really well, being placed 6th - so another medal.

All in all, for the first show for all of us, they girls (and Zorro) did really well.